It is simple to say what is being thought, sometimes it might be best to just bite the tognue

It is simple to say what is being thought, sometimes it might be best to just bite the tognue

Direct TV and Multiband

I am not very happy with neither one of these companies. I am not sure who I am most annoyed with, and this is probably not a post they want to be featured in. Normally I have been very happy with Multiband, I believe their a North Dakota company, they have cable here in the building and are a dealer of Direct TV.  A couple of weeks ago they had a open house in our community room at my apartment complex.  My husband and I decided to go, we didn’t think we would find anything to lower our bill, so we didn’t go in with a plan to change or service.

We found out they were offering a better deal with Direct TV the 150 channels, and a DVR, it was quoted at 44.99 and our Internet should have went down about 5 dollars.  My husband and I decided this was a good deal, so we changed. Sounds like no problem, right! Well this week I got my bill from Direct tv, and it was close to 70 bucks. What why so expensive,  so I looked well they were charging me 57.99 or something, well gee that like a lot more then quoted.

Yesterday I came home to call Direct TV, to find out why my bill was so expensive and why I was not being charged the quoted price. I was informed that I needed to fill out a rebate form but hey you might not get the full rebate, it might only be 8 bucks a month off the bill. Well gee that still close to 50 bucks. So I explained to the operator that I was quoted this prices and I wanted to know why this was not happening and told her I felt my bill should be corrected to what I was quoted she was not interested in doing this and told me she could fill out the web form for the rebate back so I told her to do so since I had no TV or internet right now, because I came home and it was all down.
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Well talking to Direct TV did little good for me. So today I decided to call multiband, about this and let them know I was not happy with them not informing me it was after a rebate. Had I knew that I wouldn’t have changed my services, because it would not help. Well The lady basically gave me the well that Direct TV billing problems and we can’t do anything about it. Well first off your sales rep did not give us all the information he should have. Secondly if your a direct dealer well you should be able to go to that company on your customer behalf and make things right for the customer.

I am very disappointed in this, I feel that this problem could have been handle better. I feel frustrated because now my husband and I have to pay two different bills for TV this month which are equal almost in price and that not fair to us as their customer.

I really think they fall short on their customer service, which usually is good.

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  1. This happened to me and several of my neighbors.. We where never told about any rebate! and my bill was over $70.00 a month. I will report this to the better buisness department. We work hard for our money. I will never refer any one i know to direct tv! I will go with comcast all the way. Direct tv/Mutiband are a rip off!!!!! DON’T DO IT. YOU WILL PAY MORE THAN CABLE!

  2. I have used Comcast in the past and they are far worst then anything I have had to deal with. I will never use Comcast not after the crap they did to my animals while I was on a family emergency. They where updating the lines in my apartment building, I ended up with a cat with chemical burns because they dumped a bunch of chemical down on the floor while removing stuff from my pantry. They never told me they needed to to go through. They broke things which I got from my grandma for holidays, and some of those things where with the family since my dad birth. Because they never bother to cover my rats cage, my rat got extremely sick and died. So I will never do Comcast, I could try an other avenue.

  3. Same thing happen to me we when I first got Direct TV through Multiband. I was told my bill would be $39.99 a month and when I got the first bill it was $70.00. I have been fight with them since I received my service 06/30/2009 about my bill. But get this: Directv owed we credits because they failed to turn off my free services (HBO) after I call way in adavance. Well Multiband would say they hadn’t received the credits or the correct about and on 01/1/2010 they turned my service off for $49.99 (1 month billing). I told them their statement stated that I had ten days from the due date to pay the bill but they said that is only if you aren’t deliquent.

    Today is 01/10/2010 and I do not have satellite service and was told someone could come out today and see why I do not have a signal. I asked them what time because I work and they said between 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Now what kind of business is that. Comcast may be bad but at least they give you a better time frame and stick with it. Aslo when you call Directv or Multiband the people who answer the phone know very litte, nor do they try to provide good service.

    Just to think we wonder why the state of the economy is the way it is today. RIP-OFFS by big businesses and BIG SHOTS who don’t give a dam about anyone but themselves and making a profit. If we as consumers don’t take a stand and learn to report bad business/service we will never get ahead.

    AT&T offer TV service but I am not so sure about them, but at least you do get better customer service when you take a complaint to them. AT LEAST FOR NOW.

  4. I will never go with comcast because they cause serious damage to my pets. They where irresponsible and not careful, killing my rat, and almost doing the same to the cat. Grant it they paid the bill but add that on top of their person ate my food.
    What had happened is I lift on an emergency, almost lost my granny. Management had lift them in my apartment because of the line upgrading they were doing. I had one chair disappear and no one was able to tell me what happened to it. They ate food from the frig and cabinet, so this type of disrespect is well nicely put not what I want to deal with, so Comcast will not be in my home probably for a long time.

  5. Multiband/DirectTV has an monopoly on the apartment complex in which I reside, which means I have NO CHOICE for my cable provider. When I originally set up service it was a complete mess having to deal with both Multiband and DirectTV so, you can imagin how happy I was to receive a letter from Multiband stating that they were no longer handling DirectTV’s billings and to immediately pay my balance due to Multiband and make future payments to DirectTV. On Sept. 16th, 2010 I contacted Multiband to pay my balance which was showing as $120.84. During the process it was discovered that I was being automatically renewed for the NFL Sports package. At this time I told the sales rep (Brian) I did not want to renew the sports package. Brian in turn referred me to DirectTV. I called DirectTV explained to them that I wanted to pay my balance, however I did not want to renew the sports package. Raphaela was able to reverse two $50 charges for the NFL package readjust taxes, therefore reducing my bill to $6.47. Which I paid and given a confirmation number. On Oct. 9th I receive a promotional offer for the NFL package at the low price of $6.00. On Oct. 10th I call DirectTV to get signed up. After an hour of going over and over and over again that my new bill will be $63.99 for the Choice Xtra package plus an additional $6.00 for the NFL package and taxes I ask about my current balance. I was told that on Oct. 11th I would have a payment due of $60.38. On the evening of Oct. 10th I noticed that I do not have a signal for my HDTV. On Oct. 11th I make a payment to DirectTV for $60 over the internet and since I still did not have a signal I called to inquiry as to why. I spend about 15mins on the phone with Franklin who tells me that my services were deactivated, however he can not find a reason why. He further apologizes for the inconvenience and promptly restores my service. The next morning my cable goes out at 8:05am. I again contact DirectTV, this time I speak with Casey who advises me my bill is current and she can not understand why my cable is out, as she is going over my account when she comes across a 1866 number that says I need to call. I call the number she gives me which happens to be to Multiband. I explain my problem to Charmaine who first tells me she can not find a problem, however after putting me on hold for the 5th time finally tells me I have an outstanding balance of $122.65 and my services were disconnected for non payment and to have them restored I must pay the $122.65 PLUS a $30 reconnection fee. To say I am flabbergasted is an understatement. I explain to Charmaine that I owe them nothing, that I settled my account with them in Sept. She’s rude, tells me I do owe them money and that they (Multiband) owns the satellite and until they are paid I will not have service. At this point I request a supervisor. I explain to the supervisor that I paid them in September. She then explains to me that DirectTV ‘snuck’ another bill in and that they (Multiband) paid DirectTV $120.84 for my July 21-Aug 20 billing cycle and that I now owe them for making my payment. After going back and forth with her and not getting anywhere. I call DirectTV, immediately requested a supervisor and spoke with Charles. I explained everything to him while he listened patiently. When I was done Charles readily admitted that I was not in any way at fault and requested 24hrs to try to straighten this mess out with Multiband. In the meantime I gathered all my bills and the letter I received from Multiband. On Oct. 14th after not receiving a call from Charles I contacted DirectTV (now armed with statements and receipts of payments). I speak with Monzie who was quite useless and said she’ll have her supervisor Rick call. Two hours later no call from Rick I called again. Spoke with a fast talking gentlemen that wanted so much to be helpful that he would not refer me to the supervisor as I requested. However, he did read the notations on my account and tell me that DirectTV could not/would not call Multiband and until Multiband took off the restriction on my account they could not help. So….I called Multiband, AGAIN. This time I speak with a supervisor named Ian who listened quite patiently, told me that indeed it WAS Multiband that was at fault, because apparently instead of having a balance of $120.84 on Sept. 16th when I called my balance was for $240 (why Brian nor Raphaela sees this on their computer screen at TWO different companies is beyond me, nor is $240 on my ANY statement I have receinved) However, I still owed the $120.84, but he would TRY to work with me on the reconnection charge….*SMH*. Meanwhile, it’s Day 4 that I have been without service for an account that was deemed PAID IN FULL on Sept 16th. As of this very minute I am now 1hr and 56 minutes into waiting for yet ANOTHER supervisor to contact in reference to this.

  6. I am not sure what state you live in, I know multiband is somewhere in ND. I live in Minnesota. My apartment builds has deals with both Comcast and Multiband/Direct Tv. I have had issues in the past with billing, and with them disconnecting me with no notice. Now i am always late at paying that bill I try to get to it on time but I am busy. I have found if i make online payments sometimes it does not go through, I always check my bank account to make sure the withdraw went through. I would suggest calling Direct TV. directly I have had to that a few times to solve the issue.
    Now I will not go with Comcast because they had a monopoly in the last my last building and just about killed my cat and killed both of my rats in the end. So I will never have them in Minnesota maybe another state.

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