It is simple to say what is being thought, sometimes it might be best to just bite the tognue

It is simple to say what is being thought, sometimes it might be best to just bite the tognue

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  • Blue tooth works nicely

    Posted on by Gav

    I have always liked bluetooth because it really does make for hand free. I have it for my cellphoen and tablet I wonder how well a small bluetooth speaker would work for my tablet when i play games on it. I know it could be nice when on speaker phne so i wouldnt have to hold it or stay near it to hear. I have really liked my bluetooth on my phone. moncler outlet

  • Hospital food not that bad.

    Posted on by Gav

    I’ve had to eat the cafeteria food at OHSU here in Portland oregon. This week is horrible, and i have to say I am starting to feel like maybe death is getting just a little to close to me for comfort. Well, my mom husband ended up being life flighted out here. I am glad they sent him to Portland, at least Mom has someone there to advocate and stick with her during the most critical times. Right now we are at home supposed to be resting well that won’t really happen for me i am pretty busy. I will probably try to rest for a hour or so and see if that helps me. Well we had breakfast at the cafeteria the scramble eggs where good. I also had some fruit. The coffee was not very good. moncler outlet

  • So many programs

    Posted on by Gav

    Recently I discovered that on my phone i can download a Ap that allows me to play instruments and create songs. I might try this on my new tablet if I can find one, because I don’t like the size of my phone. I know that you can not use a midi controllers on either one but on a computer you can but than you have to have keyboard or guitar with attachments for it. I use to have a keyboard for that but ended up giving it away before I moved to OR and I have not replace it but than again I dont have the room for it. I wouldn’t mind playing again but I dont think I remember anything more than cords and how to read sheet music. moncler outlet

  • Top Gear Auto Worx in Happy Valley

    Posted on by Gav

    I have used the new location in Clackamas twice now and each time I have been very happy. As a woman it seems hard to find mechanics who are honest because some think they can take advantage of the person lack of knowledge. This weekend I started having trouble with my breaks but figured it wasn’t anything more than maybe water getting in there. Well it ended up being a lot more serious than that and I had to get my car in right away today. My rear break pads had came off. They looked at the front breaks and told me they where good. I have half life left on them, I was figuring maybe a little less so this was good news for me. The rear breaks were fix in a timely manner took them about 3 hours with waiting for parts to come in, the work was completed. The staff there are all professional they listen to the problem, make eye contact. They also are willing to work with me and within my budget which is pretty tight. Normally other places I have had to wait 2 days to get my car back because parts are hard to find but not at this location. They stayed open until my car was completed, when most places would say we are closed at 5pm so we are done not these men, they stay until all the cars are out of the shop for the day when possible. This makes me feel valuable as a customer and makes my day easier tomorrow when I have to go to work.Moncler outlet

  • Haven’t played in quiet a while

    I will need to probably get new strings on my guitar to bad that Free Shipping have free shipping, I kindof wish they was for regular guitar.   Well I will probably eventually make a trip to my local music store and get it but lately I haven’t had much time to do anything. Funny I am no longer in school and haven’t even had the time to pick up my guitar i have been to busy.maglie calcio poco prezzo

  • Give me a longer notice

    I have to say I am a bit annoyed with Providence.  Yes, Dad needs PT and other stuff but don’t call me at 9am and tell me you want to come at 3pm the same day.  He lucky I work a part time job that requires me to be up.  And that it’s a day that I work only in the AM so I have most of the day to myself. I am able to do things in the afternoon.  I am hoping that he will be able to help us a bit but I am not sure what they can do because they are not offering respite care which is really what my husband and I need right now.
    Maglie Calcio poco prezzo
    I am someone I like to plan a head, have all my ducks in a row be able to clean up if needed and not worry to much about it.  Grant it our apartment is lived in but still Im not always the tidiest person and I would rather not have someone come into my home that gonna judge the smallest mess that may be there.  I am not saying he has done that yet, he just did not provide me with a warning and I know the end of this week will be busy because my husband has a doctor appointment.

  • How often

    I have often wondered how often you have to replace a  drum head, is this something that needs to be replaced often so things like visit are of great use to people who need them or are they something that can withstand the beating they get.   I have seen some drummers be pretty vicious when they drum, so I have often wonder how often they go through the materials on the top or sides of the drums.maglia calcio poco prezzo

  • experience

    About 4 years ago I decided it was time to build my own computer, my husband and I were both having issues with computer lasting when we bought from stores, this was fine.  Well I put some money into my system and got what I thought was pretty much top of the line maybe a stepdown.  Last week my CPU and a couple of fans decided it was time to die.  Okay this is pretty good.   My husband believed it was just the case not cooling the CPU enough and that losing 2 or three fines was causing over heating problem. I felt he was wrong, but yes i need to replace the case anyways.
    magliette calcio a poco prezzo
    Well I ordered a Rosewill Blackhawk case it comes with five fines.   I will write a review on this after I order my motherboard, CPU and that gunk that is needed for the CPU..  I am happy with the look..
    maglia ac milan
    I had ordered this on a Wednesday night, I had requested free mail.  I am on a tight budget, so I did the best thing knowing that i would probably need to get a motherboard and CPU.  Well by Thursday afternoon I received a email, telling me the item was shipped.   What it’s shipped, No way! I just ordered last night.  So I checked and sure enough it was mailed from CA.   Now what i dont understand why did it need to go to Vancouver Washington before Portland OR, that my question but not Newegg’s fault that the postal service or UPS.     So Monday I checked where my order was in the delivery process and found it it was already delivered to management.    Great, perfect well I am totally happy with newegg and how soon I got my computer case.

  • Original Salt Water Taffy

    Posted on by Gav

    My husband and I saw this the other day when we were at Winco. I like Salt water Taffy, and since moving to OR, haven’t found a place near by that makes fresh Taffy I know there a place by the Ocean, but still not exactly close enough to go there often.. I bought a assorted package I have to say I even liked the chocolate when normally do not care for candy. The Orange I do not like but I think I have only found 2 candies with the flavor orange that I like. 🙂 The odd thing is I do not like blueberry at all, but candy is okay.. So clearly I have some strange taste buds.. Well I have to say these taffy are yummy and i have to hide them, from myself or I might eat to much. maglia juventus
    I might decide to carry some on me in my car, because sometimes after my shift I am ready to eat. I should probably talk to my insurance agent and find out if I should have more insurance on my car because of my job. I have full coverage, so this is a good thing. There are many good insurance companies i am happy with state farm but than again I am not near don allred insurance of burlington nc. When we moved to Oregon we looked at other companies and found that State Farm was the best price for us.

  • Better windows I hope better electric Bill

    Posted on by Gav

    We recently got new windows in our apartment. I am happy to say that at least this management team is trying to fix some of the issues.. My apartment lost half its electricity because someone wired our apartment drunk. Okay maybe not drunk but we lost half of our power the day they put the siding back. Thankfully the guy was not electricuted that would have been horrible. I wish we’d do something about the heating during the winter time. Dad room sometimes is ice cold along with the living room unless I use the fireplace than the living room is nice and warm. I love having a fire place but maybe if management every thinks about redoing the heating they will talk to and see what they offer. The struggle is we have baseboard heaters so it kind of is hard to fix this and boy does it suck up a lot of electricity maglia barcellona

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